The basic idea of Imprendi is to increase opportunities for people, in particular young people who are talented and willing to realise their aspirations and invest in their personal and professional growth.

For new opportunities to flourish a favourable ecosystem is to be created. An ecosystem that could improve the social positions of people and not just a welfare system. An ecosystem capable of enhancing competence and merit, with a view to forming new leaders, a new ruling class for the Country.

This is why we start with education and schools, a term that is also in our name, School of Entrepreneurship. This might seem a contradiction, since, in the past, school and entrepreneurial initiative have often seemed like unrelated terms, if not opposites. But we look at education and entrepreneurship in a broader meaning. Not a school disconnected from all other educational programmes, but "a school for schools"; not only entrepreneurship as business creation, but as entrepreneurial competence to be applied in virtually every field and walk of life. Education should lead us to a knowledge society, and the knowledge society to an entrepreneurial society animated by many new businesses based on knowledge and new technologies. A society capable of encouraging creativity and valuing new ideas and innovative projects.
We are also convinced that such an approach makes it possible to develop education programs for a very broad section of the population, since they are tailored to the specificities of people throughout their lives.

At the methodological level, we want to recognise and strengthen the identity of individuals, in terms of skills, values, aspirations, roots, in order to develop it and not to flatten it out under a single educational logic. In particular, our idea of a school should not lack the key component of civic education and the conscious and responsible belonging to a community. For this reason, entrepreneurship education must take into account the social role of business and its ethical values. Therefore, an enterprise is not only the product of an individual initiative, but is embedded in a social context and values. A business that respects people, the community and the environment, seen as a positive reality that brings development and greater wellbeing, both now and in the future.

In addition to all this, there is a specific element that characterises our approach: the desire to act concretely, not just discuss or theorise, with a bottom-up approach and networking initiatives Imprendi Foundation pursues real projects designed to add to personal and social change. We also want to measure the results of these projects and make them public.

Finally, we feel that we are not alone in this adventure; instead we are together with many other people and organisations who sincerely care about creating new and real opportunities for development, starting with the investment in education and young people.


and goals

We recognize ourselves in the principles of independence, impartiality, moral and intellectual integrity

We turn to all those, people and institutions, who share our values and projects to grow the community.

We pursue certain lines of action:

  • The value of companies for economic development and social cohesion
  • The need to give young people opportunities for personal development
  • Social mobility by encouraging the emergence of people from different social backgrounds
  • Equal opportunities in economic and entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Business ethics and the involvement of different stakeholders
  • The development of new leadership
  • The creation of entrepreneurial initiatives also in less developed areas of the Country


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